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The Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director

Title Page

The Gentleman and Cabinet-maker's Director. Being a large collection of the most elegant and useful designs of household furniture in the Gothic, Chinese and modern taste:

¶ Including a great variety of bookcases for libraries or private, tea chests, trays, firescreens, rooms, commodes, chairs, settees, sofas, beds, library and writing tables, presses and clothes chests, dressing and china tables, brackets, candlestands, china cases, hanging shelves, clock cases, frets, and other ornaments.

¶ To which is prefixed, a short explanation of the five orders of architecture [ Tuscan Order, Doric Order, Ionic Order, Corinthian Order, and Composite Order], and rules of perspective [ Perspective Drawing of Chairs, Perspective Drawing of a Dressing Table, and Perspective Drawing of a Bookcase]; with proper directions for executing the most difficult pieces, the mouldings being exhibited at large, and the dimensions of each design specified:

¶ The whole comprehended in one hundred and sixty copper plates, neatly engraved, calculated to improve and refine the present taste, and suited to the fancy and circumstances of persons in all degrees of life.

¶ Dulcique animos novitate tenebo. OVID. Ludentis speciem dabit & torquebitur. HOR

¶ By Thomas Chippendale, of St. Martin's Lane, cabinet maker. London printed for the author, and sold at his house in St. Martin's-Lane. MDCCLIV.

¶ Also by T. Osborne, bookseller, in Gray's Inn; H. Piers, bookseller, in Holborn; R. Sayer, print seller, in Fleetstreet; J. Swan, near Northumberland House, in the Strand. at Edinburgh, by Messrs. Hamilton and Balfour: and at Dublin, by Mr. John Smith, on the Blind Quay.

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