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Chippendale Sofas Pictures

¶ Is a Chinese sofa with a canopy over it, with its curtains and vallens all tied up in drapery. This design may be converted into a bed, by having the sofa so made as to come forward, the curtains to draw to the front of the sopha, and hang sloping, which will form a sort of tent, and look very grand. The ornaments are designed for burnished gold. B is half the canopy; A the lath the curtain hangs to; C the profile of the wood work; D an ornament that goes round the inside; E the French work, and ff the laths that are required.

Chippendale Sofa Picture
Chippendale Sofa Picture , Plate XXV.

¶ Is a Chinese sofa, intended for the same use as the former; the design is different from the other, if well executed by an ingenious workman, it can't fail of giving content.

Chippendale Sofa Picture
Chippendale Sofa Picture, Plate XXVI.

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