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Hanging Curio Shelves, Decorative Wood Shelves

Antique wall shelves for curio display as well as decorative standing wood shelves.

¶ Plate CXII Two designs of hanging shelves; the profile for that with the canopy is upon the left hand.

¶ Plate CXIII Two other designs of hanging shelves; the shelf at B is intended to have a a glass door, for better security, if required; b is the profile of B; a is the profile of A; the scale is at bottom.

¶ Plate CXIV. Two designs of hanging shelves, the one Gothic, the other in the Chinese manner; the scale and plan you have at bottom.

¶ Plate CXV. This is a design of a Chinese shelf standing upon feet; A is the profile of it; the scale is at the bottom. It will be very neat, if made by a good hand.

Plate CXVI. This design, if executed by a good workman will be very neat. C is the plan of the shelf; A is the profile of the whole; B is the profile of the cir- cular work B; the scale is fixed to take off the dimensions.

¶ Plate CXVII. A China shelf upon feet, with a dome top. B is the plan of the shelf, and A is the profile of the design, with a scale to take off the particulars.

Plate CXVIII. This design will look exceeding well, if executed and japanned neatly. The fretwork at the ends is designed for doors; the supporters for the canopy at each end stand at the corners, and are joined together in the middle. The feet at the bottom are pierced through; all the other parts are exceedingly easy. A is the plan with a scale.

¶ Plate CXIX. This design of a Chinese shelf, I hope will afford some satisfaction to the beholders, if rightly executed. It is very light but strong, and will, if I am not mistaken, be allowed among the best that has ever been made. The fretwork at the ends is intended for doors; A is the plan of the whole; BB, etc., are the plans of bbb; the scale is below the plans.

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