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Fire Place Screens

Chippendale refers here to "horse" fire screens which are today called cheval screens.

¶ Six different designs of fire screens. Plate CXXIV. A and B, are two fire screens, each with two leaves. The fretwork round the paper of each may be cut through; the other is a screen upon a pillar and claw, to slide up and down at pleasure. In Plate CXXV the screen at A is for two leaves, and will look very well when open. It will be best for burnished gold. The other two are on pillars and claws, and I flatter myself they are among the best of the sort.

Fire Screens

Fire Screens
Plate CXXV

¶ Plate CXXVI. Two designs of Horse fire screens. These screens are intended to slide up, out of the pillar that are on each side; A and B is the profile of the two different claws; the sizes are fixed to the screens. Plate CXXVII is two other designs of horse fire screens; the carver must be the man to execute this sort of work. A and B is the profiIe of the claws.

Fire Screens

Fire Screens

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