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America is the brightest light shining in the world today, our lives, whereever we live, are to varying extents affected in most areas by the cultural reach and force of the American nation. The nature of this cultural power is a fascinating mixture of old and new and we can see the multitudes of interactions, the blending, experimentation, and fusions, at work in the area of the history of American home furniture.

Inevitably at first we turn to the area of antique American furniture to see how the settlers of the new world dealt with their heritage, refined and experimented with it.

For the demands of the American mass market and for the average family home name brand furniture takes up the largest space here. The opportunities here are almost endless and we attempt to take a look at the most important for the American furniture shopper.

American modern furniture is where we look at the most experimental and eclectic area of the american furniture tradition.

Finally, American rustic furniture takes us to an interesting mix of native styles, latin, and european.

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