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Antique Breakfront Cabinets & Bookcases

Chippendale era breakfront antique bookcases and cabinets. Much attention is given to library furniture in the "Director" and Chippendale gives very precise measurements for these bookcases.

The first design here, Plate LX is a rather austere work with a centre compartment topped by a plain triangular pediment and flanked by recessed wings. The cornice and glazing bars are straight and plain.

The other antique bookcases here are massive affairs, some up to 15 feet in length and make much use of architectural principles in their design.

¶ Are three library bookcases of different sorts, with their dimensions and mouldings all fixed to the designs. If you have occasion to alter their sizes, it would be well to keep as nigh the same proportion as possible; otherwise the upper doors may have but an ill appearance. It would be needless to say any thing more about them, as their forms are so easy. Those bookcases are all intended for glass doors.

Breakfront Cabinet
Breakfront Cabinet, Plate LX

Breakfront Cabinet
Breakfront Cabinet, Plate LXI

Breakfront Cabinet
Breakfront Cabinet, Plate LXII

¶ Plate LXIII. is a library bookcase with all its dimensions; and LXIV is the mouldings at large, with a scale calculated for that use; the method for making of it is this: Take the height of the top part of your bookcase, from the upper part of the pedestal to the top of the cornice, and divide it into twenty equal parts, one of which is divided in three equal parts one way, and into four the other way; then divide one of these parts into twelve equal parts, as you see specified, and draw a diagonal from corner to corner in one division, to take off an half, quarter, or three quarters, etc. The mouldings are all drawn from this scale, and this method must be used for all the bookcases in the book. This cornice is diffe- rent from that in the design, but there are other cornices of the same sort with that in the drawing.


Plate LXIV

¶ Plate LXV is a library bookcase. The dimensions are all fixed to the design. Plate LXVI is the mouldings at large, sfet off by the scale, with block cornice different from that in the bookcase; the scale is made after the same method as that in the plate No. LXIV.

Library Bookcase
Plate LXV

Plate LXVI

¶ Plate LXVII is a library bookcase, with its profile and scale; and LXVIII is the mouldings all at large, set off by the scale, made in the same method as plate LXIV. This bookcase will be very beautiful if neatly executed.

Library Bookcase


¶ Plate LXIX is a library bookcase in perspective; the dimensions are all fixed to the design; and plate LXX are all the mouldings at large, with the scale made in the same manner as in plate LXIV. It would be needless to say any more of this bookcase, as the design demonstrates what it is.

Library Bookcase
Plate LXIX

Plate LXX

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