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Doric Order in Architecture, Doric Columns

The general proportions of the Doric order.

¶ Take any height upon a straight line, as in the Tuscan order, and divide it into five equal parts, one of them shall be the height of the pedestal; the other four parts must be divided into five parts, one of which is the height of the entablature; the remaining four parts must be divided into eight parts; one of them is the diameter of the column or module, which divide into sixty equal parts, as in the tuscan order, to set off all the mouldings, as you will see on the right hand, where you have the plan of the cornice. The column diminishes 1/5 of its semi diameter on each side, from 1/3 part of its height to the top of the capital. The base and capital are each in height a semi diameter.

Doric Order
Doric Order Picture, Plate II

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