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Perspective Drawing Example: Dressing Table

Rules for drawing a dressing table in perspective.

¶ To draw a dressing table in perspective, draw the line cab; then from a to b set off the length of your table with its mouldings, and the recess for the knees as you see specifed; draw the lines to the point of sight; then from c to a set off the depth of the table, with the recess and mouldings, and draw them to the point of distance till they cut the line 0a, which drawn parallel to the line ab, gives the depth of the recess and projections of the mouldings, and this completes the plan d.

¶ The same lines must be continued to the diagonal line at the corner; then draw the ground line e five feet six inches from the horizontal line; and from that line on the left hand set off the height of your table as you see specified; draw the mouldings to the point of sight 0, then raise perpendiculars up from the diagonal, and where they intersect in the mouldings is the projection of them. Parallels to the ground line e, drawn from the mouldings in f, give the rise of the moulding in the table, and perpendiculars raised from the plan complete the whole; from a to d gives the depth of the recess; eee, etc. gives the length of the brackets, as you may see by the perpendiculars raised.

Perspective Drawing
Dressing Table, Plate X.

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