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Tall Candle Floor Stands

Chippendale design tall candle floor stands.

¶ Plate CXX. Three candle stands; the stand B is composed of fretwork; Three of those are to be glued together to make the whole complete. A is the plan of a; the others need no farther explanation to a workman.

Candle Stands
Plate CXX

¶ Plate CXXI. Three candle stands. These are all intended to hold a certain number of candles; as that on the left hand to hold seven; the middle stand to hold Three at the sides, and a brass branch in the middle, on the top, with more; that on the right hand is for Three brass branches, and one large one on the top. You have likewise a plan of the claws, with their projections. The heights are all fixed, but may be made higher if requisite.

Candle Stands
Plate CXXI

¶ Plate CXXII. Three candle stands in a different taste; the heights are fixed, and the designs so plain, that little needs be said to a workman, and a gentleman wants no directions.

Candle Stands

¶ Plate CXXIII. Three designs of stands, intended for carving, and nothing of directions can be said concerning them, as their being well executed depends on the judgment of the workman.

Candle Stands

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