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Breakfast Tables By Chippendale

Chippendale called these breakfast or china tables, more likely they are called tea tables today, especially the latter two.

¶ Plate XXXIII is two breakfast tables; the one has a stretching rail with feet canted and indented ; the other has a shelf under the top with frets all round; the front is cut out for a recess for the knees, and two folding doors to open; the dimensions are fixed to the designs.

Breakfast Tables
Breakfast Tables, Plate XXXIII

¶ Plate XXXIV is two china or breakfast tables, which will look extremely neat if well executed. AA are half the plans of the tops; bb are the frets to go round the tops; G is an ornament (if chose) to go between the feet of the table that has the term feet.

Breakfast Tables
Breakfast Tables, Plate XXXIV.

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