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Tuscan Order: General Proportions & Uses

An explanation of the Tuscan order in classical architecture.

¶ The general proportions of the Tuscan order.

¶ Take any height proposed for this order, and divide it into five equal parts, one of those parts shall be the height of the pedestal according to the small division of the scale, on the left hand; the other four parts above must be divided into five parts, according to the outmost line on the left hand; the upper fifth part shall be the height of the entablature, and the other four parts between the pedestal and entablature, shall be the height of the column, including its base and capital; and this height being divided into seven parts, one of those parts will be the diameter of the column, which diameter is divided into sixty equal parts, and is called a module; and this will serve to set off all the mouldings for this order. You have all the particulars of the mouldings at large on the right hand; the base and capital are each in height a semi diameter of the column; the column must be divided into three equal parts between the capital and base, and from the top of the lower division it is diminished 1/5 of its semi diameter on each side. the method of diminishing the column is explained in the middle scheme; the breadth of the die of the pedestal is determined by the projection of the base of the column.

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Tuscan Order
Tuscan Order Picture, Plate I.

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