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French Commodes

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¶ Two French commode tables. Plate XLIII has its dimensions with a scale; A is one half of the plan; B is the upright of the table, and by the scale you may take off its proportions. Plate XLIV is a table which will have a very good effect; the ornament round the top may be omitted, if required. A is the plan of the top, with a proper scale to take off its size.

Commode Picture 1
Commode Picture 1, Plate XLIII

Commode Picture 2
Commode Picture 2, Plate XLIV

¶ A French commode table with its proper ornaments; some part of the carving may be omitted, as the workman shall think convenient. A is half the plan, B is the upright of the table; C is the moulding for the top.

Commode Picture 1
Commode Picture, Plate XLV

¶ Is a French commode table with folding doors in the middle, and drawers at each end. There are two different designs for the doors, and likewise two different sorts of feet. The measures are specified at the end. A is the whole plan of the table; the dotted lines ccc, etc. are a method for describing the front; the ends are best drawn by hand; bb is the bigness of the end drawers.

Commode Picture 1
Commode Picture, Plate XLVI

¶ Is a French commode table, with doors or drawers in front, and drawers at each end; the middle part may be made with sliding shelves to hold cloaths. This commode, made by a skillful workman, and of fine wood, will give great satis- faction; the feet at each end are different for better choice. A is the half plan; B the end drawer, etc. the mouldings are at large on the right hand.

Commode Picture 1
Commode Picture, Plate XLVII

¶ Is a French commode table with doors at each end, and drawers in the middle; the ornaments on each door are drawn differently, as likewise the terms that go down each corner; the feet are not disagreeable to the design, and I will venture to say that this table, if made by one who knows his business, will give great satisfaction, and have a very fine appearance. A is the half plan; B the upright of the work, with a scale to take off the dimensions.

Commode Picture 1
Commode Picture, Plate XLVIII

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