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Clothes Chests & Presses

Chests you put clothes in by Thomas Chippendale. These 17th century designs for bedroom clothes chests and presses remain popular in antique houses today. Click the pictures for larger photos.

¶ Plates XCVI, XCVII, and XCVIII. Clothes presses or chests, which need no description, their measures being all fixed to the designs, and the use of them is well known.

Clothes Press
Plate XCVI

Clothes Press

Clothes Press

¶ Plate XCIX. A clothes press, and a clothes chest; the clothes press has two doors, of different designs; the dimensions are all properly fixed.

Clothes Press
Plate XCIX

¶ Plates C and CI. Three other designs of clothes chests; one with a Gothic rail and different feet, and ornaments for the front. The other chest has two designs; the one in the French taste, the other the Gothic. Either of the chests, when executed, will look exceeding well; the mouldings and dimensions are all fixed to the designs.

Clothes Press
Plate C

Clothes Press
Plate CI

¶ Plate CII. A high clothes press, with two drawers in the bottom part. The measures and mouldings are all specified.

Clothes Chest
Plate CII

¶ Plate CIII. A commode clothes press, with two different designs for the doors. B is the plan of the upper part, and A is the plan of the lower; the dimensions are all specified, and mouldings at large, with a fret tp gp round the upper part.

Commode Clothes Press
Plate CIII

¶ Plate CIV. A clothes press, with a commode pedestal part, and different ornaments for the corners and feet, and different doors for the top part. Within the doors sliding shelves are intended. The line A is the plan of the bottom part, and the line B is the plan of the upper part with a proper scale; the mouldings are at large on the right hand.

Commode Clothes Press
Plate CIV

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