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The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Guide by Hepplewhite

¶ The Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Guide; or repository of designs for every article of household furniture, in the newest and most approved taste: displaying a great variety of patterns for:

Chairs, Tea Caddies, Hanging Shelves, Stools, Tea Trays, Fireplace Screens, Sofas, Card Tables, Beds, Confidante, Pier Tables, Field Beds, Duchesse, Pembroke Tables, Sweep Tops for Ditto, Side Boards, Tambour Tables, Bed Pillars, Pedestals and Vases, Dressing Glasses, CandleStands, Cellerets, Dressing Tables and Drawers, Lamps, Knife Cases, Commodes, Pier Glasses, Desk and BookCases, Rudd's Table, Terms for Busts, Secretary and BookCases, Bidets, Cornices for Library, Library Cases, Night Tables, Cases, Wardrobes, at large, Library Tables, Basin Stands, Ornamented Tops for Pier, Reading Desks, Wardrobes Tables, Chests of Drawers, Pot Cupboards, Commodes, Urn Stands, Brackets.

¶ in the plainest and most enriched styles; with a scale to each, and an explanation in letter press. ; also the plan of a room, showing the proper distribution of the furniture.

¶ The whole exhibiting near three hundred different designs, engraved on one hundred and twenty eight plates; from drawings by A. Hepplewhite and co. Cabinet Makers.

¶ The Third Edition, improved. London. Published by I. and J. Taylor at the Architectural Library,; no. 56, Holborn, opposite Great Turn-Stile. MDCCXCIV. Reprinted, and published by B. T. Batsford, 94, High Holborn, London. MDVCCICVII.

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