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Decorative Fireplace Screens

¶ Decorative pole fireplace screens are here represented in three designs on Plate 93. The screens may be ornamented variously, with maps, Chinese figures, needlework, etc., The screen is suspended on the pole by means of a spring in the eye, through which the pole goes; the feet of the two outer ones are loaded with lead to keep them steady, may be made of mahogany, but more frequently of wood japanned.

Fireplace Screens

¶ Horse fireplace screens. The framework to these should be of mahogany; the screen may be covered with green silk, needlework, etc., at pleasure. The screen slides in grooves in the inner side of the uprights, and is suspended by the weights, which are shown on the outside; and are connected to the screen by a line which passes over a pulley in the top of the frame.

Fireplace Screens

¶ The screen to the second design is suspended by a weight at the end of the ribbon, which runs over the top bar on one side.

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