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Upholstered Stools

These mahogany or laquered stools were meant to be used en suite with Hepplewhite style chairs being upholstered in matching patterns and materials. We see here, in the pictures of the first three stools, cabriole legs with scroll feet, straight legs with outward curving feet, and rectangular shape bedroom stools standing on straight moulded legs.

There is also a round tripod legged music stool with a tapering down cabriole leg.

The wooden seat rails of these antique bedroom stools, whether bow, straight, serpentine, or circular in shape, were normally covered with fabric and decorated with a double row of brass-head nails.

The window stools at bottom were to be made the same length as the windows they sat in front of. Their height was meant to be slightly lower than the chairs. They were done in very decorative fashion often with valances festooned and hung with tassels. Ends could be curved or vertical.

¶ Plates 16 and 17, show four designs for stools; the framework for which may be of mahogany, or japanned, as most agreeable; or to match the suite of chairs, and of consequence should have the same sort of covering. The design 0, plate 17, is proper for a dressing or music stool.

Upholstered Stools Dressing Stools

Window Stools

¶ Two designs are shown on plate 18, proper for mahogany or japan, covered with linen or cotton to match the chairs. Plate 19 has two more designs; the upper one is applicable to japan work, with striped furniture; the under one of mahogany, carved, with furniture of an elegant pattern festooned in front, will produce a very pleasing effect. Plate 20. These two designs are peculiarly adapted for an elegant drawing room of japanned furniture; the covering should be of taberray or morine, of a pea green, or other light colour.

Window Stools Window Stools Window Stools

¶ The size of window stools must be regulated by the size of the place where they are to stand; their heights should not exceed the seats of the chairs.

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