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Mahogany Desks

Solid mahogany wood desks and mahogany executive writing desks. The knee hole form of mahogany desks remained popular through the late 18th century in England; these desks had end pedestals supported on low plinths. The first desk below has a recessed centre topped by a shallow drawer and is framed by pilasters carved with pendent husk ornament and capped with brackets.

¶ Three designs are given on Plates 49, 50, for library tables, which are generally made of mahogany, covered on the top with leather or green cloth. Plate 4 shows a front with cupboards for books, papers, etc., ; the other side has drawers which run half way back; the dimensions in use are from 3 to 4. feet long, by 3 feet deep.

Desk Desks

¶ Reading Desks. Plate 51 shows two different kinds of reading desks; the mechanism and use of which are clearly shown in tho drawings. The desk may be raised by means of the staff which slides in the item, and is fixed by the screw at the top.

Reading Desks

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