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Furniture Layout & Room Arrangement

¶ Having gone through a complete series or suite of household furniture, we were strongly advised to draw out a plan, which should show the manner of properly disposing of the same: with this intent, aided by the advice of some experienced friends, we here show, at one view, the necessary and proper furniture for a drawing room, and also for a dining room or Parlour, subject to the following variations:

Living Room Layout

¶ If the object of this plan was a drawing room only on each side the chimney piece there should be a sofa, and on the opposite side, instead of a sofa, should be a confidante: the sideboard also should be removed, and an elegant commode subsituted in the place; the remaining space may be filled up with chairs.


Dining Room Arrangement

¶ For a dining room, instead of the pier tables, should be a set of dining tables: the rest of the furniture, and the general ordinance of the room is equally proper, except the glass over the sofa, which might be omitted: but this is mere opinion, many of the dining parlours of our first nobility having full as much glass as is here shown.

¶ The proper furniture for a drawing room, and for a dining room or parlour, being thus pointed out, it remains only to observe, that the general appearance of the latter should be plain and neat, while the former, being considered as a state room, should possess all the elegance embellishments can give.

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