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Clothing Wardrobes

Clothing wardrobes of this period were normally based on two long and two short drawers and were very tall. The upper part of the clothing wardrobes was fitted with solid mahogany wood doors opening to reveal a series of shelves called "press shelves". Wardrobes which allowed for the hanging up of clothes were not in use in late Georgian England.

¶ This is an article of considerable consequence, as the conveniencies experienced in their use make them a necessary piece of furniture; they are usually made plain, but of the best mahogany. Plate 85 shows a design with three drawers. Plate 86. Here the doors are shown open, by which means the form and conveniencies of the folding shelves are plainly discovered. Plates 87, 88, show a variation in two more designs. The dimensions may be 4 feet long, 22 inches deep, 5 feet 6 inches high or more.

Wardrobes Wardrobes Wardrobes

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