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Ladies Vanity Furniture

Fitted ladies vanity furniture was extremely popular in the Hepplewhite period and was practical as well as decorative.

¶ Dressing glasses. Four designs are here shown of different plans; the ornaments to which may be inlaid with various coloured woods, or painted and varnished.

Dressing Glasses Dressing Glasses

¶ Ladies' dressing tables. Four designs, of various construction and convienences, are here shown; the partitions or apartments in which are adapted for combs, powders, effences, pin-cushions, and other necessary equipage. The glasses rise on hinges in the front, and are supported by a foot, affixed in the back; may be made of mahogany or other inferior wood.

Dressing Tables Dressing Tables

¶ Dressing Drawers. Plate 74 shows a design for this article; the top drawer in which contains the necessary dressing equipage the others are applicable to common uses.

Dressing Drawers

¶ Plate 75 is a design for one with a Ride. Plate 76 shows two more designs, of different forms in the fronts.

Dressing Tables Dressing Tables

¶ Plate 77 is a design for one with a serpentine form; the drawers to which are elegantly ornamented with inlaid or painted work, which is applied with great beauty and elegance to this piece of furniture.

Dressing Drawers

¶ Some made of satin wood, with the ornaments of suitable colours, have produced a most pleasing and agreeable effect.

¶ Rudds Table, or Reflecting Dressing Table. This is the most complete dressing table made, posessing every convenience which can be wanted, or mechanism and ingenuity supply. It derives its name from a once popular character, for whom it is reported it was first invented.

Rudds Table

¶ The middle drawer of this table Rides by itself - the two end drawers are framed to the hide A, and fallen at the catch B; and when disengaged, each drawer swings horizontally on a centre pin at C, and may be placed in any rotation as shown in the drawing. The glasses turn upward, and are supported by a spring at the bottom of the quadrant, which pushed in, they, fall down and hide under with the two end drawers. They also swing on the pins D D. E is a Ride covered with green cloth for writing on; F the bolt of the lock, which shoots into the lower rail.

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