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Bookcase Units with Desks

¶ This article of furniture affords a great variety of patterns. The three designs here given will show their general appearance.

¶ Desks and bookcases are usually made of good mahogany; the drawers and internal conveniencies admit of much variation. The designs show three different ways of making them: the patterns of the bookcase doors may also be very much varied. On plate 40 are shown four designs for doors, which will apply to any of the following designs. On the top, when ornamented, is placed between a scroll of foliage, a vase, bust, or other ornament, which may. be of mahogany, or gilt, or of light coloured wood.

Bookcase Desk Bookcase Desk
Bookcase Desk Bookcase Desk

¶ The dimensions of this article, will in general, be regulated by the height of the room, the place where it must stand, or the particular use to which it is destined. The following are the general proportions; length 3 feet 6 inches, depth 22 inches, height of desk 3 feet 2 inches, including 10 inches for the inside of the desk; total height about six feet; depth of bookcase about 12 inches.

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