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Architectural Terms for Busts, Cornices & Bases

Terms for Busts

¶ Are generally made of mahogany, with the ornaments carved; their height must be regulated by the subject they are intended to support. The height, for a bust as large as life, is between 3 and 4 feet.

Terms Terms

Cornices, Bases & Surface Mouldings

¶ For library cases, bookcases, wardrobes, etc., at large Plate 121 contains seven designs for cornices at large, with a scale to show the exact measurement of the several mouldings. In general, cornices for these purposes are wrought of all mahogany. We have known the ornaments in the frieze, inlaid with various coloured woods, or painted, produce a good effect. Plate 122 contains four more designs for cornices, and six designs for base mouldings. Plate 123 contains eleven designs for surface mouldings.

Cornices Cornices Mouldings

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