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Pedestal Tables, Stands, & Vases

These pedestal tables were designed to go as a set with Hepplewhite sideboards of the type without drawers. They provided for great decorative display and were variously made of satinwood (or painted wood), rosewood, or mahogany often with ornate inlaid decoration. Birch and harewood were also used.

¶ Are much used in spacious dining rooms, where the last described kind of sideboards are chosen; at each end of which they are placed. One pedestal serves as a plate warmer, being provided with racks and a stand for a heater; and is lined with strong tin; the other pedestal is used as a pot cupboard.

Pedestals and Vases Pedestals and Vases

¶ The vases may be used to hold water for the use of the butler, or iced water for drinking, which is enclosed in an inner partition, the ice surrounding it; or may be used as knife cases (see plate 39), in which case they are made of wood, carved, painted, or inlaid - if used for water may be made of wood or of copper japanned. The height of the pedestal is the same as the sideboard, and 16 or x 8 inches square; the height of the vase about 2 feet 3 inches.


¶ Called also gardes de tin, are generally made of mahogany, and hooped with brass hoops lacquered; the inner part is divided with partitions, and lined with lead for bottles; may be made of any shape. These are of general use where sideboards are without drawers; the proportion may be known by applying the scale.


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