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Home Library Bookcases

Mahogany home library bookcases as designed by Hepplewhite were essentially similar in form to the secretary bookcase with their center being simply larger but extended with "wings" at the sides which could be lower or higher than the middle section.

The lower portion was supported on low plinths containing secretaire drawers, cupboards, and ordinary drawers. The upper part of the chest of drawers or plinth was set back from the base providing a 4 foot high narrow but long shelf. The bookcase doors were glazed glass. Many patterns were possible by the various arranging of the glazing bars of the door fronts.

¶ Plates 45, 46, 47, 48, show four different designs for library cases, which are usually made of the finest mahogany; the doors of fine waved or curled wood. May be inlaid on the panels, etc., with various coloured woods. The ornamental glazing bars are intended to be of metal, which painted of a light colour, or gilt, will produce a light pleasing effect.

Library Bookcase Library Bookcase

¶ To each of these designs, the drawer in the middle is intended for a secretary drawer, with wardrobe shelves under.

Library Bookcase Library Bookcase

¶ Various proper designs at large, for Cornices, Plinths, and Base Mouldings, for this and the two former articles, are given at the end of this book.

¶ The dimensions of this article will depend entirely upon the place where it must stand.

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