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Gate Leg Dining Tables

It became the fashion in Restoration period England to dine in rooms set aside especially for the purpose and to dine at a number of small tables instead of at single large tables. This trend was derived from a contemporary French custom and it led to the replacement of the old Elizabethan style drop leaf tables with numbers of small dining room tables usually of the gate leg variety.

Oak Gate Leg Table
1680, Oak Gate Leg Table

The Gate leg dining tables of the Restoration period were larger than their immediate predecessors, Jacobean gate leg tables and had two flaps and usually 2 gates with 8 legs, sometimes 4 gates.

Gate leg dining tables of this time were made of oak, walnut was used on occasion. The gates and legs were ornately turned in bobbin or twist form and many gate leg dining tables had drawers.

The fashion for dining at gate leg tables lasted well into the 18th century, at which point large rectangular dining tables made their comeback.

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