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Antique Wood Daybeds, Antique Day Beds

Another new development in the Restoration period of antique English furniture history was wood daybeds.

Early Daybed
Early Daybed

Becoming very fashionable in the royal court of Charles II and also throughout the great houses of the countryside antique wood daybeds of 17th century England were made of walnut and sometimes beech wood painted black.

Such wood day beds had caned seats and back rests. The back uprights, the underframe stretchers, and the legs were carved in matching spiral pattern and the back seats were adjustable by the clumsy means of hooks and chains.

Later seventeenth century antique daybeds were very ornately carved and also covered in variously coloured damasks and silks. The movable back feature was discarded in favour of fixed backs.

Antique wood daybeds of this era were often made as a set with baroque style chairs (see picture).

The vast number of these antique daybeds were made in walnut and consequently few antiques survive. A few used oak, sometimes with leather upholstering stretched over the framwork with light padding.

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