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French Country Decor & Decorating

During the 1980s in America and elsewhere the French country or provincial style of interior design and furnishing underwent a surge in interest with all things emanating from Provencal finding favour in the decorating arena.

French Country Style

Country French Interior
Country French Interior.

Warmth and sunshine are two things that spring to mind when thinking of creating a decor style utilising the themes of French country. The overall effect of this kind of living style is one of being in harmony with one's surroundings while still allowing for some flair and a bit of comfort in interior display.

Homes & Interiors

A main point to consider is that normal decor patterns, in the south of France for example, involve having rooms with few furnishings, with French country furniture usually being built on a large scale and having an imposing presence. French country homes usually have furnishings that are unpretentious while still having some grace.


Warm decorating colors are characteristic of country French decor especially on floors and walls. Pale colours are ideal and sisal carpets on the floor make a great effect.

Accessories & Fabrics

Accessories and fabric can also give some life rooms. Popular French country fabrics include patterns with small, very deeply coloured motifs and patterns. Sofa cushions in gingham and floral patterns make good choices.


Also prevalent in French Country decor are flowers. In the south of France, much family time is spent outdoors with gardens becoming extensions of the house, and houses often include elements of the garden in their decor. In Provence, for example, lilacs, hydrangea and geraniums are plentiful and are often found in interiors. With this in mind consider using dried floral arrangements that as well as giving some charm to rooms can also hide unsightly objects.

Living Room

Country French Living Room
Country French Living Room.

In traditional country French style the living room is set aside for special occasions and important visitors only. Large wallpaper murals can be used to decorate living rooms to give them a warm, welcoming, and airy feel.

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