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Antique French Furniture

While in the English speaking world our attention may most be focused on the traditions of English furniture and American furniture we are always aware of the enormous debt that is owed to the heritage of French antique furniture.

French Furniture
French Furniture.
Armchair in solid mahogany and mahogany
veneer on beech, with gilt bronze
mounts and covers of silk damask.

French furniture marks itself off as being, in the main, highly decorative, elaborate, innovative, and stylish. French furniture designers would decorate their furniture, and then decorate the decoration, great emphasis being placed on display and pomp.

French Furniture Periods

These are the major periods of antique furniture in France.


The revival of the designs of the ancient world in French Renaissance furniture begins our journey through the major periods of French antique furniture. Louis XIII furniture continues the Renaissance tradition.


The great splendour and glory of baroque furniture is seen in the period of Louis XIV furniture.


The wild and romantic designs of the rococo style are pioneered in the time of Regence furniture and come to full fruition in Louis XV furniture.

Classical Revival

In the late 18th century and throughout much of the nineteenth century furniture designers and artists return again and again to the heritage of the classical world of Greece and Rome, and now Egypt, and this is seen Louis XVI furniture, Directoire furniture, Empire furniture, Restoration, and Louis Philippe furniture, and to some extent in the reproduction furniture of Napoleon III.


Nothing if not fashionable and daring the French contribution to modern design comes in Art Nouveau furniture and Art Deco furniture.


The types of designs dealt with in the major periods are those of the palace, the great home, and mansion, however for most ordinary people French country furniture is of most interest.

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