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Art Deco Interiors

The art deco interior design style remains ever popular and these points may give you some ideas for art deco style decorating in your home. In general terms art deco design interiors are made up of stepped profiles, especially, and also zigzags, chevrons and lightning bolts.

Art Deco Interior
Art Deco Interior, 1930.
This shows an artists impression of a room furnished with art deco wallpaper and matching furniture and fabrics. The dominant wallpaper is a typical modernist pattern of abstract motifs, hung with a matching beige paper and complements the sleek Art Deco furnishings in an office interior.

Art Deco Fabrics

Plain or geometric fabrics are ideal for art deco interiors. Consider adding highlights with cushions in one solid block of colour.

Art Deco Floors & Rugs

Plain polished parquet is a good choice for flooring. Linoleum in abstract designs or black and white chequerboard vinyl tiles are also typical of this style as are floors which have been overlaid with a large rug in geometric patterns.

Art Deco Lighting

Lights and lamps decorated with female figures holding the ball of the lamp are typical and good art deco reproductions can be found cheaply. Chrome, a new material at the time of Art Deco furniture, and glass are other options. Art deco glass lighting should sandblasted, etched, or enamelled instead of coloured.

Art Deco Fireplace

Fireplaces in the art deco style are rectangular and boldly stand out. Fireplace surrounds can have pink, green or beige tiles. Authentic art deco interiors were made of concrete.

Art Deco Colors

Hallways and entrance areas should have brash color schemes such as silver, black, chrome, yellow and red. For the bedroom and living room creams, greens and beige, or oyster and eau-de-nil made good ideas.

Art Deco Office
Art Deco Office, 1930.
Here the grey Art Deco style wallpaper is hung in panels with a narrow border, and with a plain paper of a contrasting shade. The room is an office or a study.

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