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English Tudor Chairs

Chairs did not become ordinary items of household furniture until the seventeenth century in England and until this time were largely intended for the use and comfort of kings and masters of great houses and palaces.

Box Chairs - Wainscot

Settle Chair
Settle Chair

Typical antique tudor chairs, called "settle chairs" had tall straight backs and sturdy oak wood arm supports and were of box-like form with an enclosed area beneath the seat often being used for storage as a kind of cupboard.

Either the front or the back of this cupboard space could be opened with the seat hinging to form a lid. Such settle chairs were often placed against walls and were barely mobile. These tudor era antiques are sometimes called "Wainscot chairs".

Caquetoire Chairs

Caquetoire Chair
Caquetoire Chair

Caquetoire, or "conversation chairs", were of lighter build and had no panels under the arms and seat, this being the norm for virtually all wood chairs from the mid 16th century onwards. Caquetoire chairs sported tall narrow backrests and wide splayed arms. Also known as "caqueteuse".

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