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Subscribers to Chippendale's Director

¶ SIR John Anstruther, bart. Mr. James Affleck, upholder; Mr. James Affleck, cabinet maker; Thomas Atkinson, cabinet maker; Allan, joiner William Allan, joiner James Anderson, cabinet maker; John Addison, carpenter; Robert Arnot Samuel Agar, carver;

¶ His Grace the Duke of Beaufort William Bradshaw, esq; Thomas Bladden, esq; William Belchier, esq; Mr. John Beichier, furgeon Thomas Beichier, cabinet maker; John Buck, cabinet maker; Robert Brown, cabinet maker; Joseph Brown, cabinet maker; William Benson, cabinet maker; Badger, carver; Peter Burcham John Burgess, joyner; Brett, enameller Barwell, John Bland John Barber, cabinet maker; Thomas Bay John Burry John Bladwell, upholder; James Burby, cabinet maker; George Brumell Barnard Broadbett, painter Brand, carver; William Bradbury John Butter, joyner; William Butler, cabinet maker; Peter Blankinsop Robert Barker, upholder;, at York

¶ The Right Hon. the Earl of Chesterfield The Right Hon. Lord Clifford The Hon. Francis Chartres, of Amps- field, esq; The Rigth Hon. Lady Catharine Chartres Sir Thomas Clavering John Craigie, of Dunbarnie, esq; William Connolly, esq; Ralph Congreve. esq; Cheere, esq; Mr. Archibald Carmichall James Caddell, Upholsterer Caesar Crouch James Clycs Thomas Chapman Robert Campbell John Clair, cabinet maker; Charles Cook, joyner; Collins, upholder; Channon, fenr. cabinet maker; Channon, jun. cabinet maker; James Clydfdale Thomas Clayton, plaisterer of Hamilton Robert Corney Robinson Cook, at Liverpool Cauty, cabinet maker; John Crosby, cabinet maker; Joseph Cooper Cooper, cabinet maker; Mr. Henry Constable, upholsterer Crook, plasterer Joseph Conyears, cabinet maker; John Chambers

¶ The Right Hon. Lord Delawar Sir Conyers D'Arcy, knt. of the Bath Lewis Douglas, of Garwald, esq; George Dempster, of Dunichen, esq; Mr. William Dempster, jeweller Thomas Dawson, cabinet maker; Robert Dawson John Dale, cabinet maker; Richard Denham Thomas Dade, joyner; Thomas Davis, joyner; James Davis William Davison, cabinet maker; Thomas Dean, cabinet- maker George Dickson, cabinet maker; William Dunell Dorrington William Dee Allexander Dingwall, cabinet maker; Solomon Dingle, joyner; Richard Dark, upholsterer Matthias Darly, engraver

¶ The Rt. Hon. Lord Elphinston Augustine Earle, esq; Mr. George Edwards Charles Edwards, enammeller Elwick, upholder;

¶ The Right Hon. Lord Feversham Mr. John Fothergill, joyner; William Farmborough, cabinet maker; William Franks, bricklayer John France George Fairweather, cabinet maker; Farrant Henry Foy, cabinet maker; Benjamin Fox, cabinet maker;, 2 books Richard Farrer upholder;, York

¶ The Rt. Hon. Lord Guildford The Rt. Hon. Lord Guernsey Mr. Francis Guillander, enameller James Gray William Gordon, cabinet maker; Ambrose Godfrey, chymist Gaffield, cabinet maker;. Robert Green Jonathan Greenwell Richard Gomm Godfall Edward Good, upholder; James Good, ditto Gearing John Goodeyre, cabinet maker; Richard Gillow Samuel Goulding Thomas Gill Nathaniel Goldsmith Edward Griffith Samuel Goulding

¶ His Grace the Duke of Hamilton The Right Hon. the Earl of Hopton The Right Hon. the Earl of Hallifax Robert Hamilton of Kilbrookmont, esq; Archibald Hope, of Ranquillor, esq; Mr. Thomas Hooper Thomas Hopper, cabinet maker;, 2 Books; William Howdell Nathaniel Hobson, cabinet maker; Aaron Hardcastle, joyner; Robert Hudson, cabinet maker;. William Henderson Holl lsaac Hoyle William Hollingsworth William Henshaw William Hunter, upholder; James Hodges Pearce Hall, cabinet maker; Anthony Hilker, picture-frame-maker Hardman, upholder; Halsey, carver; Hugh Harrison, at Richmond shire, York David Hopkins, cabinet maker; Samuel Hayworth, carver; William Halse, cabinet maker; James Hudson, cabinet maker; Christopher Higgions

¶ Mr. Leonard Jennings, cabinet maker; Thomas Jellings, cabinet maker; William Ince, cabinet maker; John Jeffries, upholder; Joseph Jackson, cabinet maker; Caleb Jeacock, cabinet maker; Jeffier, cabinet maker; Owen Jones, cabinet maker;

¶ His Grace the Duke of Kingston Mr. John Kier, cabinet maker; William Kaygill, cabinet maker; John Kingston Quintin Kay Kilpin, upholder; Alexander Kincaid, cabinet maker; Knowles

¶ The Most Hon. Marquiss of Lothian Lady Lewis, of Trentham Thomas Lundin, of Lundin, esq; James Lumisden, of Runnyhill, esq; Mr. David Lothian Mr. Joseph Lockyer Lee, cabinet maker; John Lindow Lewis Joseph Lonsdale Thomas Linfoot John Lilly Thomas Long

¶ The Right Hon. Earl of Morton The Right Hon. Lord Montford Mitchell, esq; Mr. William Miller, cabinet maker; William Miller, upholder; George Marsh, cabinet maker; Alexander Mc Aull Manton, founder Joseph Mathison, cabinet maker; Robert Mabberly, painter Robert Melvill, cabinet maker; Milldew, cabinet maker; James Moss, joyner; Daniel Mason Nathaniel Martindale, cabinet maker; Archibald Murry, Charles Marquand John Morland Charles Magniac Thomas Malton, of Nottingham, cabinet-maker Mainlove, upholster Peter Main

¶ His Grace the Duke of Norfolk Her Grace the Dutchess of Norfolk The Right Hon. Earl of Northumberland Mr. Patrick Nicholson John Newman, cabinet maker; Isaac Newman, cabinet maker; Adam Nelson John Nottingham Jeremiah Nance, founder

¶ Mr. Thomas Osborn

¶ His Grace the Duke of Portland Mr. James Payne, architect Platts, cabinet maker; Robert Parker, carver; Thomas Parker, carver; Benjamin Parran, cabinet maker; James Pit, joyner; Pawson, merchant Charles Pinhorn George Phillips John Preston, cabinet maker; John Paterson, cabinet maker; Josiajh Pennock, carver;

¶ Sir Thomas Robinson, bart. Reeves, esq; Mr. Rivington, bookseller Andrew Reed, cabinet maker; John Ranken, cabinet maker; James Rannie, cabinet maker; John Ridge, cabinet maker; Francis Richardson Roger Roe John Raisin, joyner; George Rook John Roberts, cabinet maker; George Reynolds, cabinet maker; Francis Roux, engraver George Reynoldson, upholder;, York Timothy Roberts, cabinet maker;

¶ The Right Hon. Countess of Shaftsbury David Scott, of Scotstarvet, esq; David Smith, of Methven, esq; Mr. Robert Spence, cabinet maker; George Seddon, cabinet maker; John Simpson, carpenter; Thomas Simpson Mathias Simpson, carpenter; Josiah Sutton, enammeller Hugh Spear, cabinet maker; Paul Saunders, upholsterer John Spark, cabinet maker; James Scholefield, watch-maker Sackham, upholder; Shane, upholder; Sayer, bookseller, 6 Books; Francis Say, upholder; Swan, bookseller, 12 Books; Scott, carver; David Stevenson, cabinet maker; Stabler, and Barstow, booksellers, York George Stevenson Samuel Shatford, cabinet maker;

¶ John Thompson, of Charleton, esq; Alexander Thistlethwaite, esq; Mr. John Troughton, cabinet maker; Charles Tuttop, cabinet maker; John Trotter, cabinet maker; William Trewin, cabinet maker; Benoni Thacker, carpenter; Tack, organ-maker Joseph Tyler

¶ Mr. Richard Underwood Philip Upton Hugh Underwood, cabinet maker;, Scar- borough

¶ Mr. William Vancaster

¶ Mr. Thomas Varly Charles Verco Gerrard Vander-Gucht Richard Vanhagan

¶ Walter Wemys, of Lothocker, esq; William Webster, joyner; John Willis James Ware, cabinet maker; James White, cabinet maker; John Walkinton, cabinet maker; Geotge West, cabinet maker; Thomas Whittle, carver; David Waters, cabinet maker; John Waters, cabinet maker; Charles Warrell, joyner; Richard Wood, in York, 8 Books; Richard Wood John White, cabinet maker; Henry Watson William Williams, cabinet maker; Richard Wright, upholder; John Wright, York

¶ Lady Young Mr. David Young John Young Professors of Philosophy Robert Young

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