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Free Standing Cabinets, Chinese Freestanding Cabinets

Antique free standing cabinets in Chinese and Gothic styles as well as simple freestanding cabinets.

¶ Plate XCI is a plain cabinet intended for Japanning, the mouldings are all at large, and the sizes fixed to the design.

Standing Cabinet 1
Plate XCI

¶ Plate XCII is a cabinet with two different feet, and only one door; the other without the door shows the design of the inside; the mouldings are at large, and the dimensions fixed to the cabinet; the work that is upon the door, is to be carved neatly out of thin sluff, and glued upon the panel.

Standing Cabinet 2
Plate XCII

¶ Plate XCIII is a Chinese cabinet with drawers in the middle part, and two different sorts of doors at each end. The bottom drawer is intended to be all in one; the dimensions and mouldings are all fixed to the design. This cabinet, finished according to the drawing, and by a good workman, will, I am confident, be very genteel.

Standing Cabinet 3

¶ Plate XCIV is a Gothic cabinet without doors; the fretwork at the bottom of the cabinet is intended for a drawer; the upper forms a sort of Gothic arches, supported by whole terms in the middle, and half ones at the ends, and drawers between. The shaded parts BBB are intended to be open, and fretwork on the edge of the shelves; the upper fretwork is cut through; the mouldings are at large on the right hand, and a scale to take off the particulars.

Standing Cabinet 4
Plate XCIV

¶ Plate XCV. A Gothic cabinet upon term feet; the middle is a door with columns glued to it; the doors and columns open together, and intended for glass The ornaments and festoons upon the glass will look very well; the bottom drawer D is to be all in one, with two drawers above it; the other opening will hold Chinese figures, or any thing else that may be thought agreeable. CBA are the mouldings at large, with a scale to take off the particulars. The whole, if justly finished, will make a handsome and elegant piece of furniture.

Standing Cabinet 5
Plate XCI

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