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Sideboard Tables By Chippendale

These antique sideboards are remarkable in their simplicity especially the first examples. They have fretted, C-shaped angle brackets, positioned at the juncture of the legs and frieze, giving a slight sense of the Chinese and being the only decorative feature. The four legs are square and chamfered with inner sides. The later sideboards are more playful and have canted corners with a central bow. They show some blending of the Chinese and Rococo styles.

¶ Plates XXXV and XXXVI are two sideboard tables, with their proper dimensions and mouldings at large, so that there needs no farther explanation.

Sideboard Table
Sideboard Tables, Plate XXXV

Sideboard Table
Sideboard Tables, Plate XXXVI

¶ Are two sideboard tables; in plate XXXVII. I have put double feet, which is sometimes required, and has a very good effect. The mouldings are at large, and the dimensions fixed to the design. Plate XXXVIII. has two different feet, which are both cut through, as likewise the rail; the dimensions are also to the design.

Sideboard Table
Sideboard Tables, Plate XXXVII

Sideboard Table
Sideboard Tables, Plate XXXVIII

¶ Plate XXXIX is a Gothic table with different feet, the one solid, the other cut through; the solid foot is on the right hand; A is the square foot, and bb, etc. the rails morticed into the foot g; g is the plan of the moulding g; Fe is the moulding for the top, drawn round the two front columns; Fe in the plan D, is the moulding in the plan D, which goes round the frame; e is the small astragal which is turn'd upon the column.

Gothic Table
Gothic Table, Plate XXXIX

¶ Plate XL is a sideboard table with two different sorts of feet, the rail and feet all open, the mouldings at large on the right hand, the dimensions are fixed to the design.

Sideboard Table
Sideboard Table, Plate XL

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