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Kneehole Desks

These kneehole desks, called by Chippendale "bureau dressing tables" were clearly intended for usage as bedroom furniture. These desks have central kneehole space flanked by three short and deep drawers. The drawers go down in height towards the tabletop. One long draw is fitted just below the desks surface. The desks stood on six bracket feet of a square or ogee shape. Ini some examples the desks top was meant to be lifted up to reveal small compartments beneath.

The last picture shows a more decorative desk with a single door cupboard, carved with leaf decoration, instead of three drawers.

¶ Plate XLI is a bureau dressing table with it dimensions and mouldings at large, ornamented with fretwork, etc. Plate XLII is for the same use; the dimensions are fixed to the design.

Desks, Plate XLI

Desks, Plate XLII

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