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Ribbon Back Chairs by Thomas Chippendale

These ribbon back mahogany chairs are perhaps the most typical of the mid Georgian era of English furniture design. The "ribband back" dining room chairs here are so called because their design incorporates a knotted or interlocked ribbon sometimes with a tassel and cord. They are decidedly in the French rococo style with their graceful cabriole legs normally joined by a shallow carved apron adorned with acanthus.

¶ Is three ribband back chairs, which, if I may speak without vanity, are the best I have ever seen (or perhaps have ever been made.) The chair on the left hand has been executed from this design, which had an excellent effect, and gave satisfaction to all who saw it. I make no doubt but the other two will give the same content, if properly handled in the execution. Their dimensions are affixed to the design.

Ribbon Back Chairs Drawing
Ribbon Back Chairs, Plate XVI.

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