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French Chairs by Thomas Chippendale

These upholstered armchairs were designated by Chippendale as "French" and show a rather confusing mix of ornament and decoration, and structure. They are of large dimensions, with open arms, with a variety of shapes in the upholstered back. Some of these French chairs have straight legs connected by fretted stretchers, others are in cabriole form.

¶ Are eight different designs of French elbow chairs, of various patterns, which I hope will be of great use, if properly applied. Some of those chairs are designed to be open below at the seat, which greatly lightens them, and has no ill effect. The common sizes are as follows; two foot three inches in front, one foot eleven inches over behind, one foot ten inches from the front of the back to the front of the seat rail. The seat is one foot two inches ½ high; the height of the back, from the seat, is two foot three inches; but those dimensions differ according as the rooms are larger or smaller: the ornaments on the backs and seats are in imitation of tapestry or needlework. The carving may be lessened by an ingenious workman without detriment to the chair.

French Chairs
French Chairs, Plate XVII.

French Chairs
French Chairs, Plate XVIII.

French Chairs
French Chairs, Plate XIX.

French Chairs
French Chairs, Plate XX.

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