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Gothic Style Bookcases

Antique Chippendale Gothic style bookcases and cabinets. These were intended to be quite fancy furniture and rarely were made without substantial alteration of the original designs seen below. The gothic styles seen here are romanticized versions of the real medieval spirit, steeped as it was in religion. They are actually fairly carefully and delicately done, not meant to stand imposingly, but to entice.

Plate LXXI is a neat Gothic library bookcase, with a profile and scale. This bookcase, made by an ingenious workman, will have the desired effect, Plate LXXII is the mouldings, all the same, except the block cornice. The scale is made after the same manner as the preceding.

Gothic Bookcase
Plate LXXI


¶ Plate LXXIII is a Gothic library bookcase, no way inferior to the foregoing one; the profile and scale is on the right hand. Plate LXXIV is the mouldings at large, set off by the same scale as the former. The cornice for this book- case is different from that in the design.

Gothic Bookcase


¶ Plate LXXV is a rich Gothic library bookcase, with Gothic columns fixed upon the doors, to open with them; the doors are different, but may be made alike if required. This design is perhaps one of the best of its kind, and would give me great pleasure to see it executed, as I doubt not of its making an exceeding genteel and grand appearance; the upper doors are to be glazed. Plate LXXVI is all the mouldings at large, with a plan of the column on the door. This is made after the method described in LXIV.

Gothic Bookcase
Plate LXXV


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