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Antique Bureau Bookcases

Antique slant front desks with bookcases with profile, perspective pictures. A variety of styles for bureaus are shown here. Usually the base of the bureau, the "desk" in Chippendale's words, has three long and two short drawers standing on bracket feet, or sometimes, as in Plate LXXXIII, a kind of frame is held up on cabriole legs. The bookcase or upper part of the bureau is usually meant to have glazed glass mirror doors although in practice wooden doors were normally used.

¶ Plate LXXVII is a desk and bookcase; with all its dimensions and mouldings properly fixed.

desk bookcase

¶ Plate LXXVIII is a desk and bookcase; the middle door is intended for glass. The middle part of the desk is drawers, and two designs of doors at each end. Within the doors may be fixed upright partitions for books, which will be very convenient. The ornaments of this will make it look very agreeable; the measures are all fixed. Plate LXXIX is the mouldings for it at large.

Bureau Bookcase


¶ Plate LXXX is a desk and bookcase in the Chinese taste; the doors are intended for glass, and will look extremely well. The small columns in the canopy above the cornice, project forwards. The fretwork at the bottom of the bookcase is for two small drawers; the dimensions are fixed to the design. Plate LXXXI is the mouldings for it at large.

Desk and Bookcase
Plate LXXX


Plate LXXXII is a desk and bookcase, with ornaments on the sides and top of it, and two designs of the desk part below, with dimensions fixed to the whole. This, properly made, will look very well. The doors must be glazed.

Bureau Bookcase

¶ Plate LXXXIII is a small desk and bookcase in the Gothic taste: The door is for glass, and to be all in one; the bottom part to stand upon a frame. The swelling part at the bottom of the bookcase is for a drawer; the dimensions are all fixed to the design. The inside of the desk is drawn below.

Desk and Bookcase

¶ Plate LXXXIV is a bureau desk and bookcase, with a Gothic ornament on the top, and glass doors to the bookcase. The front of the desk is two different designs for doors, or drawers; the sizes are fixed to the drawing.

Desk and Bookcase

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