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Windows. The type of window adopted by the architect, whether it is of the sash or casement variety, is such an important feature in the design, that architectural style for small buildings can almost be divided into sash window and casement window architecture, but it will be well to deal shortly with a few general principles applicable to all windows.

Ground-floor windows should generally have the glass line about two feet six inches from the floor (some prefer it even two feet), so that a person can look out when sitting in an easy-chair. Bedroom windows should have the glass line rather higher, e.g. three feet six inches or even four feet, in order to secure sufficient privacy. The top of the windows on all floors should finish as near the ceiling as possible, in order to ensure ventilation and give a bright and cheerful character to the interior.

The question of window bars is generally a source of much discussion with clients who are sometimes in favour of large sheets of plate glass, which are bare and uninteresting, while windows with well-proportioned divisions give scale and add to the apparent size of the house. A practical reason in favour of window bars is that the panes if broken are easily and cheaply replaced.

Divisional bars are, however, objected to by some, because it is said they obstruct the view and diminish the light, but the latter objection can easily be overcome by increasing the size of the window. With regard to the former, it is a matter of doubt whether it does not improve the outlook in general. The window bars, in fact, frame in a series of pictures, each contrasting with the other, and give to the interior a homely air and feeling of security against the elements which is wanting in a room with large sheets of glass.

The bars should be at least 1 in. in width in small buildings. Sir Christopher Wren in his larger structures made them as much as 2 in. wide. The size of the openings formed by the vertical and horizontal bars requires careful consideration, but a proportion of 5 in. in width to 8 in. in height will generally be satisfactory.

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