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Georgian Style Sash Windows

(a) Sashes. The windows of the Georgian style were mostly of the sash type, i.e. in two parts, made to slide up and down by means of pulleys and weights. This form appears to have been first brought into this country in the reign of William and Mary, and its utility appealed quickly to the practical British mind.

In consequence of an uneven number of divisions, the upper and lower sashes are sometimes of unequal height, and in this case the upper sash should be the smaller.

The sash window is held by some to be inartistic, and it does not always lend itself to poetic fancy, for we cannot imagine Romeo conversing with Juliet through a sash window ; but rather from the casement or lattice window of Shakespeare's time.

Sashes require a more formal treatment than casements, and should not differ much in height or width throughout the design, or an unpleasant effect is produced. Different examples of the use of these windows are shown. A detail drawing of a typical Georgian sash window is shown in the pictures below.

Georgian Style Window
Georgian Style Window.

Window Plan
Window Plan

The face of the window frame should be from one to two inches from the external face of the wall as shown, thus leaving internal space for a wide window seat, and adding to the sense of comfort and security by giving a greater internal thickness of wall.

The external appearance of the window with the frame almost flush with the face of the wall is also more effective than when hidden behind brickwork, as the white paint of the woodwork contrasts well against the red brickwork or green shutters.

Section of Window
Section of Window.

The sash window has the advantage, not possessed by casements, of enabling a room to be ventilated without draught, by the provision of a deep inner bead at the bottom, which permits the lower sash to be slightly raised, thus admitting fresh air between the meeting rails as shown by the arrow on picture 22 above.

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