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Antique Elizabethan Court & Plate Cupboards

In medieval and tudor times antique cupboards, or cup boards, generally meant a simple board on which plates, cups, and jugs were placed for storage in the kitchen, or meant items of furniture with open shelves.

Cupboards with doors were extant, being called close cupboards or presses, and were made in increasing numbers and variety through the historic Elizabethan period and beyond.

Court Cupboards

"Court" from French meaning short, cupboards, also called buffet cupboards, were the antique ancestors of dressers and sideboards and were used to display plates, flaggons, cans, cups, beakers, and other manner of plate, and also as service tables.

Elizabethan Court Cupboard
Elizabethan Court Cupboard

Court cupboards resembled 2 or 3 tier stands and had plain posts as rear supports. At the front heavily carved, inlaid, and turned bulbs with Ionic capitals connected the shelves together.

The production of court cupboards in the cities ceased from around 1660 due to dramatic decline in popularity, although as always, country furniture craftsmen continued to snub their noses at town fashions and laboured on.

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