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Bedroom Furniture Placement

Ideas and tips for good bedroom furniture placement and interior design.

In bedrooms, in contrast to other rooms, furniture drifts occasionally into rigid lines ; straight, severe, and rather dull. Why should the dressing table invariably stand exactly in front of a window? In the country it may spoil some delightful view, and it is just as convenient to have it at an angle in the window. The bed looks better when it is placed along a wall instead of projecting into the room; it is harder to make in the former position, but then it does not increase the difficulty of placing other furniture. In a small bedroom the bed too often dominates everything else, and seems to fill the room, while antique chairs and tables hide in odd corners and recesses.

Bedroom furniture need not be in a set: there may be odd chairs, a dressing table and a stool for it, a wardrobe or, better still, a fitment cupboard, a chest of drawers or a tallboy, a box ottoman, and the bed. All this requires arranging, and when once the position and placement of the bed is settled the arranging of the rest of the furniture is seldom difficult. A good light is the primary need of the dressing table, and its needs must be catered for not only by placing it near a window, but immediately underneath an electric light point so that an adjustable fitting can throw its illumination directly upon it. The chest of drawers if sufficiently low can act as an auxiliary dressing table, and in a man's dressing-roora as a dressing table proper.

As for the types that might be associated - a plain seventeenth century oak table with a couple of shallow drawers can have a William and Mary or a Queen Anne stool with an upholstered seat, covered in needlework or damask, and an independent toilet mirror in walnut. A pair of Queen Anne single chairs, a modern easy chair, a seventeenth century oak chest of drawers on a stand, and a stump end oak bed can make up the rest of the furniture, and there can be fitted wardrobe cupboards in the chimneypiece recesses. This could not be called an oak bedroom, or a walnut bedroom: it follows no set style or period, and merely suggests what may be done by the casual collecting of old furniture.

The introduction of modern furniture is seldom difficult, and in a bedroom there may be a modern washstand, dressing table and wardrobe, painted and decorated, together with slender mahogany Sheraton chairs, a Chippendale four post bed, and a bow-fronted mahogany chest of drawers.

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