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Furniture Arrangement Ideas & Tips

Furniture arrangement ideas & tips.

Harmony in arrangement is not a trite phrase that stands for vague things. It describes something definite though intangible; something which we may describe as the intimate atmosphere of a room; and when we try to interpret this intimacy we realise that it is created not by the designer of the furniture or the scheme of decoration but by the owner. A room finally belongs to the personality that owns it, and the creation of this inviting, human appearance depends on our own power of expression which alone can generate the atmosphere of interest that makes a room alive and inviting.

The true test of comfort in any room lies in its power of tempting us to enter and work or rest, and if we can remain without discomfort and there is nothing that jars upon us, then we have sufficient proof that harmony has been achieved, for only bad arrangement can bring us actively to dislike our surroundings. The exercise of taste may make a room alive and delightful., while its absence has the effect of rendering the same room and the same furniture dull and uninteresting.

The placing of furniture depends so largely on the shape, size and general appearance of a room, and also on the sort of furniture that has to be fitted in, that it is impossible to suggest definite positions for antique chairs and tables and other articles. A few notes that may apply here and there are given in this chapter, and may be taken as rough guides in general arrangement.

Certain ideas which we will review which have a bearing on the attainment of harmony; and although endless suggestions for the arrangement of different objects could be tabulated, and every conceivable type of room might be discussed as fully as the years at the disposal of a writer would permit, no great gain would result. For directly we grasp the fundamental spirit of balance and proportion, and appreciate the fact that individuality can be expressed as clearly in the arrangement of a room as it can in the making of a picture or the writing of a play, then do we perceive the futility of attempting to seek any definite rules and regulations in matters which are so completely under the control of personal inclination. This work only consists of a series of pencil sketches, so to speak, whose lines carry suggestions which may be coloured in different ways by different readers according to their taste.

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Home Furnishing Arrangement
Home Furnishing Arrangement with plain mahogany bookshelves, a grandfather chair and an oak gate leg table.

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