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Santa Fe Furniture

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The city of Santa Fe, capital of New Mexico, brings together a mix of cultures and a mix of centuries, old world and new. The rich heritage of Old Spain, in turn influenced by the ancient culture of the Moors, lives alongside the equally ancient Pueblo culture. All of this with a touch of the Wild West, and the modern world adding its quota to the brew, goes to make up the city that has given its name to the popular Santa Fe decorating style. Add to this the parched sands, wide open spaces and blooming cactus plants of the desert, and you will begin to understand what Santa Fe decor is all about.

Corner Tv Stand
Corner TV Stand

Santa Fe Furniture Style

Santa Fe furniture is built on a large scale, and draws on centuries of tradition brought to Mexico by the Spanish carpinteros who accompanied the early settlers. Following the graceful, well proportioned lines seen in antique furniture of the 19th century Southwest, Santa Fe furniture is often whitewashed giving a cool, restful look to a room. Santa Fe pine furniture may, alternatively, be richly varnished in pale shades, showing the natural beauty of the wood. It is richly carved with a strong three-dimensional effect. Indicative of the Spanish influence, decoration often has a religious theme, representing saints, angels and crucifixes. The Indian influence is also often seen in the choice of carved motifs. When put together, the carvings may tell a story, either of Old Spain or of Pueblo traditions. Ornate mirrors are a common feature of Santa Fe bedroom furniture. Mirrors are in the style of early Mexican craftsmen, framed in metal stamped with decorative angels or birds.

Santa Fe Entertainment Center
Santa Fe Entertainment Center

Santa Fe Decor & Architecture

Rough adobe walls, tiled floors, tall windows, rough beams, and arches and fountains in the Moorish style are the hallmarks of Santa Fe architecture. Set against Santa Fe adobe, furniture whitewashed or varnished in pale shades is contrasted with soft furnishings in warm colors. Shades of browns and reds are mixed with various shades of blue, giving the home the natural shades of the New Mexican desert. Turquoise and terra cotta are the prevailing colors. Candlesticks and wall niches containing statues continue the religious theme often incorporated in Santa Fe style furniture. Woven rugs may be scattered about or hung on walls. Mexican touches may be added with cactii and "Ristra" - strings of drying chillis.

Santa Fe Garden & Patio

Mexican haciendas followed the Moorish tradition with adobe walls enclosing a sparkling oasis of garden blooming in spite of the desert. Whitewashed Santa Fe patio furniture with comfortable cushions in desert colors brings a touch of Mexican history to your patio, just as Santa Fe ranch furniture gives a flavor of the old gracious lifestyle to your living area.

Furniture Santa Fe style combines comfort, elegance and the history of many cultures, and is a popular choice in American furniture styles today.

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