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Lodge Style

Lodge style design draws its inspiration from the summer vacation and hunting lodges of the Midwest and Western United States, from Michigan to Montana. Long before jet planes whisked families to Europe, to Asia, and beyond for summer vacations, families packed up the kids and drove to the cabin or the lodge by the lake. These summer getaways were rustic, yet comfortable, with large, open living rooms and cozy bedrooms. Furnishings and construction reflected their natural setting, with log cabins and log furniture popular. Fireplaces ensured that the living area staying warm and toasty. Lodge architecture is noted for its high, exposed beamed ceilings and open floor plan. Builders used materials found in the local landscape, such as fieldstone, pine and oak as well as plentiful windows to best enjoy the sweeping landscape views.

Lodge Side Cabinet
Lodge Side Cabinet.

Lodge Furniture

Lodge style furniture reflects the wildness of the great American outdoors. It is generally sturdy, rustic, and made from pine, oak, walnut, or birch. Lodge design is more rough-cut than stylized. Frequently hewn logs and sturdy twigs are used to form unique and natural-looking chairs, tables, chests and bed frames. Beautiful handcrafted pieces, such as cedar chests and hand-planed tables are common. A typical sofa has an exposed rough-cut, wooden frame with overstuffed fabric cushions in a nature print or green and brown tones. Dining room tables are large and sturdy, with seating for a whole house full of family and guests. Beds are often made of hewn logs with the bark still attached for interest, and bunk beds for children are commonly used. The fireplace is the center of many a lodge room, as much for comfort and a sense of conviviality as for warmth. Furniture is frequently grouped around the fireplace.


Lodge designed outdoor furniture is wooden, sturdy, and functional. Found scattered throughout the lawn as often as on patios, log-themed pieces are popular, such as picnic tables and benches made of whole and halved logs. Cushions in rust, gold, and deep green complement the colors in nature. Backyard accessories made of bark and barnwood, such as bird and butterfly houses encourage wildlife to make the yard their home as well as add rustic details.

Lodge Decor

The lodge design color palette reflects the colors of nature, and particularly of the woodlands. Greens, from light moss green to deep forest green evoke an outdoorsy feel. Browns, from light pine to dark walnut, create a warm, enveloping environment. Rusts and yellows bring in the colors of fall.

Fabrics in lodge decor have a rough, textured feel. Leather, particularly in deep green, rust, and brown tones, is frequently used for upholstery and for seat cushions and rough fabrics, such as tweed, are common. Festive bandana prints and prints with wildlife motifs are other popular themes in lodge decor. Nature prints, showing ducks, wildlife, and woodland scenes make ideal fabrics for cushions and accent pillows. Bright colored plaids, too, make ideal accent fabrics and help to liven up the lodge style room.

Folk Art and Americana, that quintessential pioneer art form, provide ideal decorating accessories for a lodge style home. Such items are cast-iron stars and flag-inspired fabric wall hangings complement the rustic charm of log furniture and leather upholstery. Woven items, such as colorful, roughly loomed blankets and fringed throws, light up the dark interior and help keep residents warm at night. Other suitable lodge decor accessories include baskets, often made of birch, duck decoys, and anything with a moose or a bear on it. Lamps made from wood and pinecone accessories are also frequently used. Area rugs, such as rag rugs and braided rugs, warm up the traditional hardwood floors. Images of moose, pine trees, and bears are popular, made into all kinds of objects, from towel holders to lamps to bookends. Birdhouses and sports items, such as fishing tackle and fishing rods hung on the wall are other ways to bring the outdoors inside.

Lodge decor is perfect for a casual, warm, and inviting home or family room. It allows residents to bring the beauty and style of a traditional vacation lodge and of the great outdoors into their home with rustic wooden furniture, the colors of nature, and woodland-inspired accessories. Lodge decor is particularly American and is friendly and accessible, yet still very stylish.

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