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That rustic cabin, traditionally found in the woods or by the lake, is going mainstream. No longer relegated to weekend getaways, log cabin decor is coming to living rooms, family rooms, and even bedrooms throughout America. Based on the rustic decor of lake and mountain summer homes, log cabin decor is identifiable by its use of rough-hewn logs, both for home construction and for furniture as well as large, open spaces, paneled walls, and prominent fireplaces and cast-iron pot-bellied stoves. Aspen logs, birch logs, and cedar logs are transformed into stylish, yet rugged pieces of furniture, such as four-poster beds with tree limbs as the posts or desks with a planed piece of pine as the surface.

Cedar Log Canopy Bed
Cedar Log Canopy Bed.

Log home furniture stays true to its name with cleverly and expertly crafted log items, such as a sleek desk with branches as legs or a sofa constructed of rough-hewn logs. Rocking chairs, made from soft pine, sleek maple, or even birth or aspen tree limbs are a stylish way to enjoy an evening beside the fire. Useful items, such as pie safes and dry sinks, often adorned with punched tin, lend to the prairie feel of the log cabin room. A traditional rustic, log cabin living room might include a sofa constructed of halved, rough-hewn logs with deep green, overstuffed cushions accompanied by a birch twig rocker and a table made from a leather chest. A typical bedroom might include a bed made from cut logs, dressed in a cheerful calico print, accompanied by a rag rug and sturdy pine side tables. The log cabin kitchen centers around the table, usually a thick, rectangular piece - beautiful and functional, at the same time. Wooden benches or simply constructed chairs accompany the table.

Cedar Log Night Stand
Cedar Log Night Stand.

Log cabin decor is noted for its dramatic textures - bark, rough textiles, and log home furniture. Hardwood floors are a common theme in rustic cabin decor, usually covered partially by area rugs, often rag, fur, or braided rugs. Leather upholstery, cushions, and pillows help recreate that rugged ranch look. Barnwood and roughly loomed fabric also add the prairie feel of the log cabin room.

Log cabin decor draws from the colors of nature - rich browns reflect the bark, leaves, and limbs of the forest, light moss greens mirror ponds and streams, deep greens depict the lush foliage of summer, and vibrant rusts and golds remind residents of the fading glory of autumn. Vibrant plaids and attractive nature prints, particularly those that feature ducks, moose, and bear are also popular, and help to brighten to often-paneled rooms.

Log Cabin Lantern
Log Cabin Lantern.

Screened-in side porches and sweeping open front porches are staples in log cabin architecture and log furniture construction lends itself to stylish outdoor furniture. Porch swings, gliders, and rocking chairs made of sturdy logs or stylish saplings help blend the distinction between indoors and out. Bird feeders and birdhouses, often made of recycled barnwood, are ideal outdoor accessories for a log cabin house.

Log cabin decor emphasizes the functional as well as the beautiful. Items, such as fishing gear and household gadgets, find their way to the living room walls as decoration. Moose and bear themed-items, anything from a lamp to a bookend, lend a touch of whimsy and playfulness to a log cabin-themed room. Quilts, blankets, and woven throws are decorative as well as useful in keeping residents warm during the long winter's nights. In addition, symbols of the Old West, such as leather saddles, wagon wheels, stirrups, and lassos make interesting wall hangings in a log cabin room.

Artwork runs to the rustic, also. Folk art, simple and primitive designs painted on old barnwood or simply forged metal works, complements a log cabin-style room. Textile art adds vibrant colors to the often dark, wood-paneled walls. Quilts, too, look festive and traditional when hung on the wall.

Cedar Log Square Dining Table
Cedar Log Square Dining Table.

Log cabin design brings a cozy and warm feel to any home. Friendly, rather than formal, log cabin decor invites guests and family alike to curl up on the sofa or pull a chair up next to the fireplace. It's a uniquely American style that draws on the prairie and pioneer spirit and tenaciousness of the first Americans and quietly inspires all of us to be the best we can be.

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