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Chippendale Gothic Beds

The Gothic style remained fashionable throughout the post medieval period in England and these black Gothic style canopy beds and four poster beds had admirers then as today.

¶ Is a Gothic bed with a drapery curtain; the posts are made into eight cants, and indented: B is one fourth part of the tester; aa is the same length as AA, which must go from corner to corner of the bedstead, to form the roof; this done, you have the corners or hips formed. Divide the length AA as you see it, and then raise two perpendiculars up to B, and divide that length into the same number of divisions as AA below, that gives the sweep of the ribs ccc, etc. The curtain is drawn up by one line on each side, as you see the pullies fixed at the corner. The other parts need no explanation.

Gothic Bed
Gothic Bed, Plate XXVIII

¶ Is a Gothic bed the same as the former, except the tester, which is flat. This cornice will look extremely well, if properly worked. A is the tester lath; ccc, etc. are the pullies where the lines are fixed; B is an ornament to be made of the lace or binding of the furniture.

Gothic Bed
Gothic Bed, Plate XXIX

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