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Dome Bed

¶ Is a dome bed, the sides of the dome and cornice I have formed into an elliptical form, to take off the seeming weight which a bed of this kind has, when the cornice runs straight. There are four dragons going up from each corner; the curtains and vallens are all in drapery. The headboard has a small Chinese temple, with a joss, or Chinese god; on each side is a Chinese man at worship; the outside of the dome is intended to be japanned, and mosaic work drawn upon it; the other ornaments to be gilt; but that is left to the will of those, who shall please to have it executed.

AA is one quarter of the tester, or plan with the ribs that are to form the dome; the distance AA in the plan, is the distance AA in the profile above, which divided in the manner you swee, will serve to make all the other ribs. Take the distance A bbb, etc. and set off at aa; its rise is taken from the middle of the cornice to the greatest height or pitch of the dome, and divided into the same number of divisions; and then observing where they intersect in the upper profile of the rib, or hip, make them intersect in the same division as below, which method serves to make all the rest.

Dome Bed
Dome Bed, Plate XXXI.

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