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Decorating with Room Screens Ideas

Ideas for decorating with room screens and room dividers.

An important assistant in the art of furniture arrangement is the screen. It has many forms : there are pole screens with needlework panels, designs in lacquer and leather, and fire screens innumerable. They can help in the formation of special features, and may be placed behind pianos, or can increase the comfort of the fireside sofa or divan by cutting off draughts ; altogether they are very decorative and adaptable.

In a dining room a screen may be arranged to conceal the serving table or hatch to the kitchen so that the service is unseen.

Lacquer Screen
Lacquer Screen, 1867.
Ebonised wood, with gilt and fretted decoration and painted panels of Japanese paper.

Perhaps the most attractive type is in embossed leather, gilded and decorated. Designs in lacquer, decorated in the Chinese manner, are very costly, but screens covered in some fabric like damask can be made up without very heavy expense, and may be trimmed with braid, the whole being mounted on a wooden framework with three, four, five or even six folds.

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