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English Garden Rooms

Ideas to decorate English style garden rooms and enclosures.

There are often spaces in a house, half balcony, half verandah, that are wasted, and it is in such waste spaces that garden rooms may be planned. A garden room, which is really an adaptation of an American sun parlour, is essentially a summer room, walled on one or more sides with windows, or with a screen facing the garden, and making the most of all the sunlight that pours into it. It is not a conservatory, but is a very pleasant adjunct to a country house and is easily furnished.

There may be brightly-woven rush mats on the floor, and oak furniture ; Windsor chairs, oak settles, and a plain oak table that may be too crude for any other room. The walls can be distempered, and it should be very simple, since it is not a sitting room - but only a place where a little time can be spent pleasantly.

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